Suomen luonto- ja ympäristökoulujen liitto ry
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LYKE-network promotes nature and environmental education in Finland. It is organized by a NGO, The Finnish Association of Nature and Environment Schools, but network includes centers governed by municipalities, governmental organizations, enterprises and associations.
There have been Nature Schools in Finland for 25 years. They don´t have pupils of their own, but they offer educative day programs for groups from schools and kindergartens, and training courses for teachers.
Today there are over 50 centers in the network; e.g. Nature and Environmental Schools, Visitor Centres of national parks and Youth Centres and Camp School Centres.
The goal of the co-operation is to communicate together as LYKE-network to the customers and to the policy makers, give support (e.g. training courses) to the members of LYKE-network, deliver good practices from professional to professional and help in co-operation with municipalities and schools.
The resources for building the network has come from the Ministry of the Environment and
the Ministry of Education and Culture.

What does LYKE-network do?

The centers in LYKE-network work mainly with schools and kindergartens. The customers get help from the experts of LYKE-network for their daily job with pupils in the field of environmental education.

  • The day programs and trainings are based on the national core curriculum of compulsory education.
  • Learning is experimental, experience-based, hands-on learning in authentic learning environments.
  • The final goal is that every kindergarten and school in Finland have a possibility to get professional help with their environmental education from LYKE-network.



There is a certification system for LYKE-network. It is based on the self-assessment on the first hand, the confirmation from the board of association on the other. There is also a peer reviewing system. The aim is to improve the quality of the services.

Learning outdoors in Finland

National Curricula

The sustainable way of living and learning environments outside the classroom are emphasized in Finnish National Core Curriculum for Basic Education, National Core Curriculum for Pre-primary Education and National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care. Curricula are national regulations issued by the Finnish National Agency for Education. They are used as the basis for preparing local curricula.
You can buy the curricula in digital form from


LYKE-network is working together with other NGOs in Finland promoting learning outdoors.

Come and Join!

Last summer there was a big international outdoor learning conference, “Ulos-Ut-Out!” in Finland. From the page you can find e.g. lectures, also in English.

We are already planning our next conference – follow the website! Welcome to Finland in Summer 2020!

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